Simple steps to
re-new your company registration.

Step 1

Fill in your company details in the boxes provided . ( Inaccurate information will cause a delay in processing your submission )

Masukkan maklumat syarikat anda. (Maklumat yang tidak tepat akan mengganggu proses renewal)

Step 2

You will be taken to a payment screen . Select your payment method .

Pilih cara membuat bayaran.

Step 3

Complete your payment at the directed e-banking website .

Menyiapkan proses pembayaran pada laman web e-banking.

Step 4

Upon successful transaction , your certificate will be delivered through e-mail within 2 hours during working hours ( note : Submission after working hours “9 am to 6 pm” will be processed on the next working day )

Anda akan menerima certificate SSM melalui e-mel dalam tempoh masa 2 jam waktu kerja (Permohonan selepas waktu kerja “9am hingga 6pm” akan dilayan pada hari kerja yang seterusnya.

Re-new Now

Those who expired more then 11 months kindly re-register your company at SSM headquarter.